The Decameron

The Decameron

Giovanni Boccaccio’s book, is truly a delight and one of best works of fiction of that time period certainly. Written in the 1350’s and about the plague then threatening Europe, Boccaccio has his characters leave Florence in search of safety in the country of Tuscany. There, there seven women and three men, take turns “being […]

We Moved

For those that care, I’ve moved to http://writerden.blogspot.com. WordPress just would not leave the editor alone, constantly changing the format and making it harder in my opinion to move around. The old posts here will remain…all further ones will be at the new site.

Chomsky on Anarchism

I decided a few weeks ago that I best read some of Noam Chomsky’s stuff. I looked over the body of available work on Amazon, and selected three. I started off with this book, which is a selection of interviews and talks he has given over the years. I read it in the hopes it […]

Review of Where the Conflict Really Lies

Perhaps no where is there more controversy than in the United States over the alleged conflicts between science and religion. Most of that controversy is conducted by folks who are woefully uneducated when it comes to either subject. Alvin Plantinga, noted philosopher, attempts to bring some systematic thinking to the dispute. His basic premise is […]

Review: Alone With a Jihadist

I recently had an opportunity to read Aaron D. Taylor’s book, Alone with a Jihadist. Now I was skeptical in the beginning, learning as I did that Mr. Taylor is a Pentecostal and someone I would normally define as a fundamentalistin his approach to scripture. I have spoken out on many occasions about my reservations […]