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Fields of Blood: Religion and the History of Violence

Karen Armstrong is an extremely well-known and prolific writer on religious matters. This is a great book, and one that all should read. If you talk to any atheist for more than a minute or two you will surely hear the refrain: “more have died in the cause of religion than for any other reason. […]

Lord of the Flies

This is another in my ongoing series of “going back and reading all the classic literature I never read in my youth”. Lord of the Rings is surely a classic, and one well-known to most people whether they have read it or not. Many have seen the film versions. I too was well aware of […]

Race Matters

First, I have to say that Cornel West is one of my heroes. He’s what I would be if I could–a brilliant thinker, writer, and activist. Philosopher and professor, writer of so many important books, this is considered one of his seminal works. Dr. West makes himself a target no doubt for a number of […]