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Hegemony or Survival: America’s Quest for Global Dominance

51ohGacem2L._SY344_BO1,204,203,200_ This is one of many of Noam Chomsky’s works, this written in 2003.While it precedes much of the Iranian war obviously, it strikes a note that reinforces what we have come to know as the history of that fiasco.

Noam Chomsky is professor of linguistics and philosophy at MIT. His research is impeccable and exhausting to some, but all the more convincing. He focuses on a couple of big cases to make his point.

Cuba and Iraq, in their tortured histories serve to show us that US policy when it comes to the world remains largely the same regardless of the administration. Both Democrats and Republicans are indicted, though no doubt we can all quibble as to who has done the most harm.

Chomsky takes us through various South American countries, where the US over decades worked tirelessly to destroy fledgling democracies in favor of repressive oligarchs, usually of military groups. You ask why? Because all that has ever mattered throughout US history has been essentially their demand that the rest of the world will bow to our business needs.

Regimes are supported because they open the doors to US economic exploitation (and their own private exploitation as well), while their people remain in squalor and near slavery. Good economies forged under tireless work by “the people” are trashed in favor of governments that are properly receptive to US goals.

The sources cited by Chomsky are not from unknown bloggers or other repudiated places, but often directly from the mouths of the actors themselves, speaking to each other through memoranda and internal position papers not meant for the eyes of the public. But even they are unable to contain the will to know the truth. Classified materials inevitably become declassified, and even the Russians start to open archives long closed to Western eyes.

Reading this makes one cringe, and makes one very ashamed.

You are unclear why so many millions hate America?

Read what we have done to them, and then ask, “why has it taken them so long?”

We of course are not alone in our Machiavellian designs. Europe has done the same, as has done all the major military mights throughout the world at different points in time. But we live in now, and in that now, America is the only country that poses the sort of threat to the rest of humanity today.

Polling across the world by Pew has uncovered an “inconvenient truth” for the American public. When asked who is the greatest terror threat in the world today, the world responds with a resounding, the USA. If you think that perhaps over-represents some group or other, think again. Canadians when polled, say the same thing.

We are the bully. We threaten, we don’t even bother with cajoling any more. We look with contempt upon the United Nations, bragging that we will be NOT be bound by any laws passed by them–meaning the rest of the world. “Enforce it if you can”, we proclaim. Meanwhile we block advances in peaceful diplomacy everywhere unless it suits our purpose.

Our purpose in the end is always the same–that US companies get the markets they desire and we get the resources we desire, the rest of the world be damned.

If Chomsky is new to you, this is a good start.

If you want to understand the state of the world and why America is so hated, this is a good start.

First and foremost, get over your fantasy that America is some chosen morsel given preferential treatment by God. America has and continues to take a page out of all the great powers and then do them one better. We are the bully. Only we can force our government to join a COMMUNITY of countries.

Read it.


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