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In Light of What We Know

This is Zia Haider Rahman’s first novel, and we hope he writes more. That said, it is not for the superficial reader. If you are looking for a roaring good read of plot twists and shocking revelations, look elsewhere. Two men, one Bengali, the other Western Pakistani become friends, sharing a heritage of sorts and […]


Reviewing Siddhartha (more like putting down my thoughts) is a bit like reviewing the bible, one approaches as if to hollowed ground. This is Hesse’s masterpiece surely. The Forward explains why. Robert Thurman writes: “Why would a young person seeking to escape from WASP-hood at Harvard turn to India as the mother of inward exploration. […]

1177: The Year Civilization Collapsed

My first reaction to reviewing this book is to say: If you are interested in ancient Mediterranean civilizations, by all means read this. If not, you probably can ignore it. But there is a caveat. If you are interested in the Middle East today, and in the world in which we live, and wondering what […]