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Republican Gomorrah

Max Blumenthal has written an extraordinary exposé on what has happened to the Republican Party in the last few decades.

Once upon a time, those of the Religious Right considered politics “worldly” and they avoided it.

No more.

Led by ideological extremists, a large cadre of religious “purists” have come to the fore, have learned how to infiltrate and effect the halls of political decision-making. They have trained and sent out the “warriors” who have backed financially those who adhere to their religious theology, and have run themselves as “conservative Christians”.

The original leaders, starting with a guy named RJ Rushdoony and moving on to Francis Schaffer, were outright promoters of creating a theocratic state. That agenda is no longer voiced of course, but remains essentially the desire of the likes of James Dobson, head of the Focus on the Family, the late Jerry Falwell, and folks such as Tony Perkins and Pat Robertson.

They have, thanks to tireless work, literally taken over the Republican Party. While the neo-cons, who I would argue are not particularly religiously motivated, thought to use the Religious Right, today we see the outcome of that. The tail now wags the dog and no Republican can get traction unless he answers correctly the litany of Religious Right “musts”.

Make no mistake, people like Karl Rove, Tom DeLay, Mike Huckabee, Darrell Issa, Chuck Colson, Assoc. Justice Clarence Thomas, James DeMint, John Thune, are all deeply implicated in the desire and work to take the reins of government and bend them to reflect the religious world view they live in.

Along the way they have learned much. They have learned to play the game of fear as their primary tool. Death, and impending doom, loss of “freedom” and “our way of life” are at stake. Enemies are created to direct the energies of the masses. They can be Muslims, gays, feminists, secularists, or virtually anyone who seems to espouse a different view.

Although most all of these (mostly men) have fine educations themselves, they are adept at blaming “elite academia” for “indoctrinating” our youth. They push abstinence only, and the sanctity of marriage “as we know it” and are rabidly anti-right to choose. Meanwhile the numbers continue to pile up that the more evangelical you are the earlier you will lose your virginity and the more often you will find yourself pregnant as a teenager, and the more likely you will divorce.

And then of course, these folks who obsess about sex are time and time again caught in adultery, gay sex scandals of one sort or another, and all the things they so preach against. These peccadilloes are forgiven for the most part as long as the malefactor is willing to admit his “shame” and beg forgiveness from God. Those who deny, are dismissed and shunned.

They are intent on teaching your children that dinosaurs walked with humans in the America, that the earth is but a few thousand years old and that free markets were instituted by Jesus himself.

It is a horror story of huge proportion.

It explains rather succinctly while Mitt Romney just has managed to run the gauntlet and survive as the likely Republican nominee. He, and all the candidates have been required to slide further and further to the right in order to satisfy the puppet masters. He has had to renounce any support whatsoever for Planned Parenthood, an organization he once not only supported but wrote checks to, in order to keep the beast from deboweling him, and choosing a more “conservative” candidate.

These people have every intent to gain control of this country. If they do, you will be the one’s losing your freedoms, the freedom to control your body, the freedom to pray to whom you choose, and this country will slide backward into a crazy time of never, where science is laughed and where America becomes a third-world country.

Read it and learn. Inaction will be our doom.


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