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Animal Farm

What to say about George Orwell’s Animal Farm? What to say that has not been said? Written near the end of WWII, Orwell warns of the evils of communism and totalitarianism in this dystopian allegory where animals throw off the shackles of serfdom and form a collective. Of course all the predictable things happen and […]

The Heart of Darkness

This is a tough book for me to speak about. I can applaud, and I do with great praise, the writing abilities of Joseph Conrad. His ability to paint a canvas with words is truly extraordinary. You can feel, hear, smell, and almost taste the places he describes. It is pure poetry in prose. His […]

Not Every Lady is a Size Six!

Okay, so let’s start right off with A truth. Most men don’t get this. They wouldn’t dream of buying clothes that are too small. They are unconcerned with size. They are mostly unconcerned with how they look in clothes. They would go naked if it were lawful. So if you are a dude, well, go […]

O Pioneers

Nebraska, who would have thought such grant things could occur within your borders? Willa Cather, writing in the early 1900’s gives us memories of life on the prairie as it made itself felt upon its earliest settlers. And indeed, it is about the land, which takes center stage, and apparently was what Cather intended. One […]

The Authoritarians

The people who need to read this book won’t, and the small number who do, won’t begin to think it is talking about them. Such is the beast confronted. Robert Altemeyer is an Associate Professor of Psychology at the University of Manitoba, and has been studying and writing about authoritarian personalities for forty years. Mostly […]