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An Introduction

I never met a stack of books that I didn’t want to get to know. I plainly love books. It’s more than just their content, and thus my sometimes dilemma. I love the physicality of books, the smell of books, the feel of the paper.

That being the case, I’ve been slow to read books online. To be fair, it’s also because trying to read off a computer screen can be less than comfortable, but a find a laptop makes that a good deal easier.

Those of you who know me, know that I run three other blogs, one of which is my main squeeze so to speak. A Feather Adrift is my attempt to bring some modicum of sanity to an insane political world that I find myself enmeshed in. I am what I would call, a political satirist, and a fair one I would say. I have my following, and I have many friends as a result.

Being a Catholic, I also dabble in things theological. I have some small training in this field, and at least once a week, I attempt to speak my mind about the lectionary readings of the day. It helps keep my life in some perspective I find. You can find my reflections at Walking in the Shadows.

Being a wife, I find myself engaged in chores both enjoyable and no so much. Cleaning would be the not so much. But I do love cooking, and find a creative outlet in that. After failure upon failure to find a good way to keep my recipes in order, I finally resolved to put them in a blog format, and thus What’s on the Stove? was born.

Still, above all, I consider myself a writer. And though it may be presumptuous, a bit of a thinker. Not to the extent my dear husband, who is known Internet-wise as “The Contrarian”, is. He is a thinker supreme. I am more of a here and there sort.

One of the things I have pondered often and long is exactly how are we different from the other animal life on this planet, aside of course from the obvious physical differences. I’ve picked up and discarded a number of things, mostly as the result of scientific work that eliminates them one by one. But it is undeniable, that we humans are the only creatures on this world that has created an alphabet and learned to put thoughts to paper, or stone or papyrus, as you wish.

Thus, we have the singular ability to hand down an increasingly large compendium of knowledge, far beyond what any chimp mother can successful hand down to her offspring.

I’ve done my best to read a far amount of that compendium, but of course, I barely scratch the surface. Here, I wish to expound on what I am reading, and continue a list I started at AFeatherAdrift of listing my completed book reading. I’ll do more with it than there of course.

So that is the plan. And like most blogs, it will have its will and go in the direction it seeks. And you will either like it or not. And so will I.


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