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And So It Goes (With Apologies to K.V.)

As I prepare to depart the Meadow, memories drift to the surface now and again. Some are quite ordinary. Others, surprise even me. I could wax eloquently on soggy but succulent springs (have you any idea how many dozens of greens can be counted in your average forest?), and golden summers with the ¬†whispering crackle […]

The Great Gatsby

F. Scott Fitzgerald‘s magnificent The Great Gatsby, has all the ingredients I love in a book. I love this time period more than any other. I love Art Deco, I love the fashion of the 1920’s. I love the crackle of this naughty, exciting time in America. Yet, it is nothing but the gloss of […]


I consider myself a reasonably well-read person. I love to read, and have done so from an early age. I recall checking out books in the school library to read at leisure during my pre-teen years (boys were way more important after that usually), and I remember clearly going every week to the “bookmobile” that […]

If You Like to Tax Your Mind

I know, it’s so much easier not to. So much easier to pick up your favorite piece of fluff, or punch it up on laptop or big screen. And I admit I do a fair amount of that. I’m no Einstein after all. There is a website you might like. I sure do, because it […]

Dancing with Letters

People who love books are people who love words. They like the sounds of them. They have favorites. They like how some are spelled, and how some look. To a lover of books, finding the perfect word that says exactly what you mean and had not been able adequately to express is thrilling. While reading, […]

The Fountainhead

Go ahead. Fair is fair. I am a glutton for punishment. No sooner did I slog through finish, Atlas Shrugged, than I trudged onward with The Fountainhead. This is slightly less the tome, being only 700-ish pages long. And it was written well before AS, and contains a good deal less overt pontificating about the […]

Defining The Edges of Fair

Before I start, let me say, I don’t have an answer. I have questions. As with most things philosophical, answers are relative. Change one factor, and the answer starts to slip away. It’s a bit like nailing jello to the wall. Or chasing roaches once the lights come on. Hard. Back in ancient times, when […]